About Us

Who We Are

We-Watch is a mobile software service provider based in Ontario, Canada.  

We are a Social Enterprise founded on the principle that a corporation and its clients can thrive when working together in common purpose. 

What We Do

We deliver a mobile software solution, which is designed make all users in any community safer and more accountable to their peers and community.

Our mobile (smartphone) software concept allows users to create and respond to events involving public safety.   Whether a murder, assault, or fender bender, our service employs a proximity solution which allows people to seek witnesses and media from the scene of an incident.  

Our leadership and partners deliver a concept of service and transparency which enables a cyclical relationship with smart-phone users. 

We are the next generation of public safety management. 

Customer Segments

  • Smartphone Users
  • Public Authorities
  • Insurance Companies
  • Law Firms
  • Community Watch Organizations