'We-Watch Out For One Another'

A Canadian Social Enterprise

Our Leadership 

"With a diverse professional background, my career has been in Sales Executive and Account Manager.  After having worked across many sectors, I joined Seneca College and graduated in Business Management.  Having experience with start-ups, building a brand, marketing and CRM, I confidently founded We-Watch in August of 2020. 
I'm an avid outdoors enthusiast, and love motorsports, music, DJing and concerts.  I feel it's impossible for me to do anything for which I have no passion.  My drive is to make a legacy and change to be proud of."

"As someone who compulsively thinks outside the box and challenges authority, I've had an almost conventional journey. After getting a BSc in Psychology at the University of Toronto and my JD at Osgoode Hall Law School, I began my law practice working with Tech Startups and litigating against professional fraudsters.

Along the way I've been obsessed with automation, technology, and innovation. We-Watch is looking to help every day people better interact with law enforcement, the courts, society's largest institutions, and each other using technology.

In my spare time I go on a lot of walks, watch a lot of educational YouTube videos on any topic imaginable, and keep active by lifting weights and going for runs. I'm also a retired gamer and learned how to code."

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