'We-Watch Out For One Another'

A Canadian Social Enterprise

The Problem

A note from the Founder:

I was involved in an incident on the road where I needed to prove liability and faced having of zero witnesses I was able to contact; then the same dilemma a second time when my car was broken into in a public lot... the costs added up between repair costs and insurance deductible.

Having returned to school, I noticed that more and more people were using dashcams, cell phones, home security cameras etc..; and noticed that most of the time, this media simply sits forgotten, never able to be relevant to anyone but the owner. 

Our Solution 

We-Watch is a mobile application, designed with user privacy and anonymity in mind. 
When two or more people are nearby when an incident occurs (any type of incident affecting someone's safety and/or property), they can help if a victim and/or police need witness accounts and related media to help whoever is affected by the incident.
The best part is users don't need to be We-Watch members at the time of the event.  If someone wishes to help and they saw what happened, or were a victim needing help, they can always download our App afterwards and create or join a case retroactively!